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Dipping into Capital
posted on April 15, 2014 by Dan

I'm dipping into Capital in the Twenty-First Century byThomas Piketty (translated from French by Arthur Goldhammer). Its central theme is how to save capitalism from itself. One does not have to agree with Piketty

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The Howard Stern Show
posted on April 08, 2014 by Dan

I appeared on the Howard Stern Show yesterday morning...Stern is one of the best interviewers in radio-TV. He is prepared, incisive, listens and is alert and quick. (As one who prides himself on doing his homework...

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Fishing on the Beaverkill
posted on April 01, 2014 by Dan

I spent opening day of NY trout season fly fishing on Beaverkill River. It was a beautiful day, the water high and very cold. No fish, but I was happy to be out.

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On the Road in St. Louis and Pittsburgh
posted on March 27, 2014 by Dan

I've just spent the last couple of nights giving a talk in St. Louis and in Pittsburgh at the architecturally exquisite Powell Symphony Hall and Heinz Symphony Hall. I've enjoyed both cities..

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