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The Howard Stern Show
posted on April 08, 2014 by Dan

I appeared on the Howard Stern Show yesterday morning...Stern is one of the best interviewers in radio-TV. He is prepared, incisive, listens and is alert and quick. (As one who prides himself on doing his homework, I was impressed with how much he had done.) Robin Quivers, who does news inserts and is otherwise a key player in Stern's universe, is so personable one finds oneself wanting to spend more time talking with her. Gary Dell'Abate, Stern's long-time producer, makes the whole operation hum. And what an operation. Their studios, the hub of Stern's media empire, are expansive, expensive and first rate down to the small details. Impressed? Yes, and trust me I've been in and around a lot of radio and television operations in my time.