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Why I wrote Rather Outspoken
posted on April 28, 2012 by Dan


First of all, I think that – with humility and no intention to be self-serving – on my better days I'm a good storyteller (I ought to be after all these years as a reporter). And I have a lot of good stories to tell. Stories about Presidents I have known, the JFK assassination, what it's like to work for Mark Cuban, and on and on. The list is long, but the book is not. I wanted it to be of manageable length and highly readable.

Yes, I write about what happened inside CBS as a result of our story about President Bush, and his preferential treatment during the Vietnam War – and what really happened from my perspective. I also write about the corporatization, politicization and trivialization of the news. That is to say, what's happened to the news business in recent years, and, more importantly, why every American should care. But that's only part of what I wanted to and did write about.

I wanted to share some knowledge if not wisdom gained over more than 60 years as a world traveling reporter. In that role, I've seen rain and I've seen fire, seen sunny days and starry nights. I've had ups and downs and wanted to share experiences of failures and success.

When I started as a very young reporter there was no template or plan. There was no expectation of fame or being well paid. What I had was a passion for reporting news, a burning desire to contribute to something larger than myself, through quality journalism, and I wanted to share in the book the story of what happened from the beginning.

I think more than anything I wrote Rather Outspoken because I wanted to share my optimism – through all the ups and down. I've always known that I am an optimist by nature and experience. I wanted the book to be about active engagements with journalism that I've felt and believed; the determination, the excitement and "keep charging" attitude of a working reporter; and that I'm still engaged, still charging, working full time (and then some) to this day as an investigative journalist.

This, and so much more I wanted to share with readers young and old. So, I wrote it in a book.